Our trip to London We started our trip at 4 am and we arrived in Croydon at 6 pm. We made a stop in Canterbury where we saw English pupils wearing school uniforms. We were a little nervous about meeting the families. The next day we went to the Hindu Temple by bus. In the afternoon we visited Windsor Castle, which is one of the Queen‘s homes. When you can see the flag, the Queen is at home. On Saturday we went to Greenwich and visited the Maritime Museum. Some of us ate fish and chips. After that we made a boat trip and saw the Tower Bridge. After a very tiring walk we arrived at Tate Modern. The highlight of the day was the musical „School of Rock“. We went to Camden Market on Sunday. Some bought pullovers and souvenirs for their parents, others were just walking around and only looking. Monday morning took us to the Emirates Stadium (Arsenal). The boys liked it more than the girls. Then we went to Oxford Street for serious shopping. We bought T-Shirts, pullovers and some bling bling. We think it was a very exciting trip.